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1930S Home Plans

The 1930s was a time period when the art deco style dominated home furniture design. Home > Plans> Sears The Riverside 1936 Sears Roebuck Modern Homes . Except for the asymmetry of the forward, steeply pitched gable, the Riverside is a very simple house.

We provide links to old-house related goods and services, and a wealth of From The Archives Stunningly Beautiful Home. Amazing Plans has thousands of Farmhouse style house plans to choose from.

and Jacobean house plans among others through its revival period in America from the 1890's thru the early 1930's. They are also referred to as european house plans. Antique Home::Vintage House Plans::1900 to 1960::Home Styles . Antique Home offers information on old houses.

home > House Plans > 1930 Bennett Plan Book. Links for 1920's & 1930's Home.

BBC of the English House: Homeowner Sales. What is the style of the 1920s and 1930s? By Sacha Markin.

WHY buy house plans from us? You're ordering direct from the Architects and Designers who designed the plans. 1930s design We've recently moved into a new house.

New to us that is, because it was built in 1932. This handsome reprint of a rare 1930s catalog displays the interiors and exteriors of Sears-designed homes.

From 1930 to 1955, thousands of simple, small houses have done the modern Ranch that came to dominate residential design during the 1950s. Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe is moving to Proboards! This page has been moved to its new home.

Education on a campus or an online college is an important choice for any student. What is a bungalow? Learn about American bungalow architecture, see pictures, and find historic bungalow house plans and other great bungalow resources.

In the 1930s, home building was a practice that required careful planning. A few able to order plans from their homes from catalogs beginning in the 1920s.