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Homemade Houseboat Plans

Following is an assortment of house boat plans. These plans are not for the novice woodworker.

One can do many things on their own. Houseboats is one of them. We created a website with many Houseboat topics that range from: Plans to help Build your Own Houseboat; A simple Houseboat Manufacturers list.

Focus of this group is all about building, remodeling, using and living on boats. The beauty of this design is you can build it any size you want.

Of designs shown on the website Modus Maris houseboat, Respect River houseboat and Floating CafГ© where created per customer requirements. Mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans by Berkeley Eastman.

I had posted a question about outboard motors on a homemade houseboat, and you Boat-Designers were so helpful. These houseboat plans are not for the novice woodworker.

Building a houseboat requires a good knowledge and a lot of experience in woodcraft techniques. Get houseboat plans and houseboat design ideas.

Houseboating is gaining a lot of popularity lately. More and more people are engaging in this kind of activity.

If you're interested in viewing more pictures of primarily homemade We are very happy with the more open floor plan of our now restored pontoon houseboat. EYC's homemade bar plans (how to build a bar) Boats.

Beach Camper; Barrel Raft This design was only thirteen feet long and four feet wide. B-Rad reduce reuse recycle stumbled on your boat looking for homemade houseboat plans its kool.

This is our "Cape Codder", completely constructed from our houseboat plans. com/ Everything to do with Houseboat Plans.